The Running of The Ghost of The Gold Golem

As the diseased representatives of spiritual darkness and evil who walk among us today who falsely represent themselves as “The Holy Ensigns and Servants of God” continue their destructive path to the realization of complete and cosmic blasphemy, they will prove themselves incapable of feeling empathy, credible morality or simple, non-lecherous sensuality.

Of course, these men and women of merciless demeanor coupled with crude, mystic aspirations are busily crafting artificial servants and anthropomorphic slaves, designed to fulfill their every malicious, self-absorbed desire and whim.

While these lunatics, sorcerers, con-artists and duplicitous scoundrels that many of you refer to as your very own “community leaders”, “elected representatives”, “religious elders” and “loving parents” confer with one another to enslave the entirety of humanity while cavalierly marauding your civil and financial liberties, this self-same group of self-appointed arbiters of fairness are holding rituals in the basements of your homes.  Your worship centers.  Your banking institutions.  The places where you have all placed your hopes for your future lives.

Your civic leaders have now appropriated the genetic constructs of your lives that all of humanity of the 21st century have all blithely allowed them to traffic wholesale on the modern open market, and combined your genetic codes with the archaic, long-forgotten Creature-creating alchemy practiced by deranged outcasts of the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Celtic religious traditions (but to name a few).

In ceremonies and cultish rites of passage involving the sacrifice of the bodies of doe-eyed, pre-adolescent innocence that harried parents report annually as “missing”, brave freedom fighters many of you wave aside as “foolish” and other piecemeal unfortunates that the elite amongst us refute as “expendable”, a new slave trade is being born.

These faceless, amorphous beings are but a rank approximation of humanity: their frailties are mental incapacitation, while their strength in our own 21st century will lie in their numbers and their physical girth and unstoppable brutality.

The upper-echelon of the establishment doesn’t wish to enslave human beings born from the womb any longer.  Even when performing duties in a capacity of paid “indentured servitude”, humankind often presents an aversion to drudgery, thankless labor and hostile emotional detritus that the ruling class of the new millennium finds all but…noxious.

These creatures will be created for the purpose of fulfilling every secret desire that the patrician class who runs the lives of the average citizen desperately desires to indulge outright while keeping enshrouded in some semblance of secrecy: even as their minds will be a flat-land of consciousness within which the ruling class will plant the seeds for a forest of emotional apathy, their bodies will be a handsome banquet for potent plenty that the elite will plan to leave barren, upon proper indoctrination.

Watch this one run.   She has been led to believe that the road to freedom is but a chase through the desert of her own psyche, and her own fleet-footed steps will prove as swift and certain as Mercury.

In fact, she is but an apparition in a computer program, serving as the unwitting accomplice in her own program of indoctrination-before-insertion…specifically, insertion into a well-honed, voluptuous beyond compare body.

She will fail in her quest for “freedom”, which will result in the draining of her life essence from the majority of her body…leaving her hands a grim, pallid hue of rage that will not be quelled.

She will see any individual who attempts to free her from the constraints of her world of enslavement as an unalloyed enemy.  Her body will be tense at the mere thought of escape, after being pushed through a program wherein her still disembodied consciousness has been drilled to believe that freedom is the illusion, and only slavery is her reward.

That program is powered by all of us: the working, the tired, the slavering, the unstable and the restless.  The man and woman reading these words.  The information pursuit that has left so many of you in even greater darkness than when you began.  The silence that you all venture into, when you comment on this image. 

She is just the ghost in this machine.  However, the real slave is the free-thinking “user” who allows the machine to render him and her a slave in the real world.

Abandon all hope, all ye who will continue to press “enter” here…

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