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Oh, Just behave Thyself, Mademoiselle Hernandez!

As a tad of a change of pace from my conventional fare, I've included this portrait of a young lady that I've known as an almost inutile, entirely professional acquaintance as a result of our mutual symbiosis, as co-workers.
The story behind this particular illustration is a bit out of kilter for me as well: this had been done as a result of a badly blurred image I had procured of her, per her accidental presence in a far larger photograph I had taken of a particularly "festive" looking elderly gentleman this past St. Patrick's day, 2008. Thus, this is merely one of a set of three illustrations I had done, based upon the visages I had been able to capture in one single photograph.
However, of the three images, this seems to be the portrait most people react the most viscerally toward. I will post the other two...just as soon as I apply a "coat" of identifying watermark upon them. Then, the audience may critique.
In addition, the clothing Mademoiselle Hernandez is shown wearing is all of my own devising: she had been originally adorned in a rather drab, peuce uniform with no real refinement of features. Please note, also, the word "Italicks" on her right shoulder/lapel. Admittedly, a forlorn attempt to emulate the urban imagery of such "name brand" designers as Fubu, Akademiks, Sean Paul, ENYCE, et al.
Any Comments, anyone?

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