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Girl # 3 cleaning up a spill on Self-Checkout Aisle #7- Now THAT'S one COOL Cucumber (or: The Proper way to Throughly Check One's Melons For Blemishes)

A rather speedily rendered color interpretation of the ...ahem..."inordinately grandiose" physical acumen of that most sumptuous siren of the Photo Sharing Multi-Verse that is, the ever mysterious nymph known only as "Girl #3".
**WRITER/ILLUSTRATOR'S NOTE: Since I had originally posted this illustration, the model upon whom I had based it has since reverted to using a username more reminiscent of a actual, birth-bequeathed moniker. Even as I will forever miss referring to her as "Girl #3", this lovely model may now be found on under what I can only asuume to be her real name, "Amanda Reina".

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