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The Spartan Warriors of Salt Lake Citadel, Utah and The Rebellion inThe Badlands

By the end of the 21st Century, the religious organization known both officially as The Church of Latter-Day Saints and popularly as the Mormon Movement will face a dissimulation in it's membership and popularity in the Midwest and most regions of Middle America as a result of stagnating membership amongst its flock, the rise of a new totalitarian political regime originating from the outward regions of the Northwestern Pacific and (most specifically) the failure of the realization of the prophesies as written by Mormon Founder Joseph Smith in its central religious manifesto “The Book of Mormon”.

Of course, the one most central thesis of this extraordinary, American-created religious consortium of Christianity-based Theological intrigue currently states that when the Kingdom of The God of Israel returns to reclaim its rightful dominion over the prefecture of Planet Earth as well as the heavens above it, the seat of god's kingdom will be secured directly in the original location of a mystic region of land described in The Book of Genesis as the first acreage of earth ever to know the foot tread of Humans, The Garden of Eden---which the Mormon faith indicates had originally been in Branson, Missouri.

Even when presented with the convex argument that the Garden of Eden would have been originally situated in Africa (as per The Book of Genesis describing it as a region located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers), the Mormon Church will remain resolute in their own very individualistic interpretation of the Holy Bible, as seen through the interpretive eyes of their founders and it's own Book of Mormon.

This trend will continue up until the dissolution of the U.S. Government as we know it, which will occur by the year 2087.

This chain of events will be precipitated by the colossal breakdown of the entire economic status quo of mainstream Corporate America, a regrettable exhausting of the United States' once seemingly inexhaustible slate of innate natural resources coupled with a depleting of America's marketability in the face of widespread illiteracy and rampant joblessness. This will all result in a populace staring fixedly at a new American Dark Age, while the boundaries of the western states and provinces become transient and lacking for any sort of logical demarcation.

As the nation turns to widespread violence, noisome moral depravity and sociological malaise, the last surviving members of the leadership of the still economically immaculate Mormon Church begin to retool its message from one of eventual salvation to yet another, steeped lavishly in another classicist ideal: The Way of The Warrior, stalwart and unencumbered in any manner by fear.

By resolving to discard the tenets of Christianity while embracing anew the legend of that most legendary of Warrior tribes from the Annals of Western Military History -- The Spartans -- The Mormons rechristen their group The Regeneral Militia of The Caste of The Clouds.

In desperate response to the teeming barbarism of the unsettling times and mores of an American Culture firmly imploding into quite disconcerting volatility, The former Mormon leadership will delve heavily into not merely Spartan Legend, but also Celtic folklore, Zulu Tribal Training and the faith mores of the Norse Viking.

In so doing, This new sect of warriors will be trained from birth to think in terms of their own lineage being literally “descended from the firmament of the above realms beyond the clouds of earth”, placed here on this planet to hew and sculpt their minds, bodies and resources of dexterity into something “more than mere flesh and sinew”.

In essence, both male and female members of The Regeneral Militia of The Caste of The Clouds will be indoctrinated into the finer points of athleticism, hunting, fighting, battle preparedness and wilderness survival in fashions every bit as brutal and potentially spirit hardening, as those endured by Spartan soldiers in Ancient Greece (including the full re-enacting of such classic Spartan doctrine such as compulsory enlistment for every male in the “military apparatus”, complete involvement in the hunting of humans and other prey in the wilderness outside of Spartan society without Adult aid at ages as young as 6 or 7, and the complete immersion into patriarchal sexual prejudices---including homosexuality amongst male and female members of the “Holy Caste of The Clouds”).

In the scene depicted herein, we are witnessing two young male competitors within the Caste of The Clouds who have, by the rights of Caste Constitutional fiat, been relegated to venturing out from their tribal homestead in the dusk-settled valleys of what had once been metropolitan Salt Lake City, Utah and into the considerably untoward ramparts of what The Caste called “Middle Earth America”: namely, the violently raging prairies of what had been the bordering states of Nevada, Arizona and (the prime site of peoples regarded by the Caste as “sanctimonious barbarians”) California.

As predetermined by the Laws of The Way of The Caste, these two young men endeavor to do battle with the countless scores of lawless brigands outside of the tightly secured homestead of The Caste. They have just both successfully completed their training with an official ceremonial observance performed at the Caste Worship Altar of The Clouds far behind them, in the rear right.

Now both having been given the official military rank of “Elder”, these young men must walk with great rigor while always nude, carrying a simulacrum of a weapon called a “Cloud Scythe” (so named and shaped, as an allegory to the biblical ideal given by Jesus in The New Testament of the Kingdom of God “sowing seeds” of belief in the “sometimes fertile, often unfertile fields” which The Caste of The Clouds consider the hardened hearts of men, while eventually returning to “reap” and collect the fruits of “laboring in faith”).

In fact, these young Elders of The Caste of Clouds are sanctioned to deliver a message championing the idea of senseless murder, rape and darkness of spirit into being reconnoitered into conditioned warfare abilities, potent military might and fearless (though, allegedly, “noble”) capacities in hand to hand combativeness which would be (theoretically) second to none.

Even as the mission of The Regeneral Militia of The Caste of The Clouds has proven wildly popular with many (resulting in many converts to this new “Faith of Fury and Fighting with Fate” in regions as scattered and dissimilar in danger and dilemma as the former Oregon, Colorado, New York State and even the notorious badlands of the territories these new Caste of The Clouds Elders are destined to arrive in on foot: California), these young men are alternately quite aware of the sacrifice made by so many others who have braved the elements of “military mission creating”.

This is easily evidenced by the numerous, unmarked Tablets of Beatification depicted on the right surrounding the Caste of Clouds' Worship altar (erected in deference to numerous Missionary Military Elders who've been felled in the midst of their missionary duties), as well as the still unmarried, nubile female members of the caste known as “thigh-flashers” on the far, darkened left (so named in deference to their ancient female precursors from Spartan Civilization, both of which are renowned for their physical prowess, their unparalleled beauty and their infamously voracious sexual appetites and submissiveness).

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