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A Blade Runner Wearing High Heels

By the year 2234, Humanity will be on the cusp of realizing its final diminution as per centuries of unabated polluting of its environment, endless automation and mechanization of it's own physiological auspices and a determined focus upon eradicating all semblance of free thought.

The threat of the replicants of 125 years earlier -- genetically engineered humanoids originally created to serve free-born men and women which had turned rogue in an extreme attempt to overthrow the dominion of their creators-- will be replaced by the emergence of a new terror: Sexual depravity in the form of a global epidemic known as Innately Neurotic Contemplations of Unctuous, Ribald, Antithetically Bombastic Lewdness in Eroticism (I.N.C.U.R.A.B.L.E.).

Humanity will have fallen prey to slavish pomposity in the stead of romantic engagement, Sexual obsession at the expense of spiritual fealty as well as physical distraction overwhelming meaningful interaction. As a result, Humanity will reach a point wherein the very discussion of physical intimacy between the sexes is non-existent, men and women view each other with abject terror, revulsion and mistrust and Civilization teeters on the verge of collapse, as love is viewed as a quaint anachronism left to the realms of dust-collection in the digitized repositories of the Smithsonian...alongside MP3 Players, Chaos Theory and The Geneva Convention.

However, as a result of sex becoming a loveless exchange of bodily fluids, as opposed to a meaningful tryst between two consenting adults, Planet Earth will be inundated with unending generations of young people known as Arrested Developmentali.

They will be so named, as they will be literally born with severely truncated aptitudes for displaying kindness, moral rectitude, common courtesy and social awareness in any or all of their dealings.

Hence, Arrested Developmentali will prove to be ill-equipped to continue humanity's age-old quest for evolving to a higher state, as their collective intellectual quotients will be guaranteed to be abysmal...while their capacity for rape, incest, slaughter and defamation of their fellow man shall be astronomical.

In a desperate effort to save humanity, concerned military, industrial and commercial leaders will then feel forced to revisit the technology used a century and a half previously to create the replicants: enter The Emancipati.

Although female, Emancipati will be engineered to display the most extensive physical dexterity of any homo sapien ever allowed to trod this sphere, whether natural-born or genetically manipulated.

Their duty will be defined, succinctly: They are to use their genetically-engineered precepts of principles, morals, philosophy and intellect to redeem a sodden and sullied society, wringing it all from the depths of its own collective decay.

The Emancipati Soldier depicted here stands atop a launching pedestal situated just before her High-Mach achieving Hover-Hawk. Her genetically-fostered sense of serenity and joy in spite of the deplorable conditions prevalent in the smog-encrusted, hatred blanketed megalithic metropolis behind her will be nothing if not a balm of reassurance within which her creators can lie in certitude, as per the unhindered progress of her mission...even as her artificially manipulated life span of 8-12 years is guaranteed to end, well before the alleged success of this campaign is realized.

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