Jennifer Hudson and Her Amazing Technicolor Wardrobe

This Illustration is based upon the voluptuous visage of one Ms. (or, at least, one can only hope to be still ably described as Ms.)Jennifer Hudson, a woman who had first been vaulted into the ever-spiraling tumult of societal fame as a result of suffering the indignity of being cast away from the selection process of that most noxious blight residing firmly in the firmament of mainstream Commercial television, "American Idol" ...only to go on to fame and actual measurable, worthy-to-be-noted acclaim as a sultry songstress and black woman siren of potency. Some may be aware of her garnering of a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award in 2007, for her work in the film adaptation of the musical "Dreamgirls".
Please, feel free to comment upon --or condemn in its entirety-- the work presented, herein.


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