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A Topless Black Woman-Dedicated to Chris Lindberg

As this illustration had been something I'd just simply whipped up late last year, I hadn't truly felt the need to post it to the internet in any real vein or seriousness (as I had found it nothing more than a rather jejune exercise in speedy sketching).

However, perhaps that had all been nothing more than a ruse I'd foisted onto myself, in order to avoid the truth of the strange story surrounding it all: I am a member of a rather popular group on Yahoo called Pin-Up Heaven (a group whose administrator, One Mistress Khwan, actually appears in another of my illustrations on this site entitled "Mistress Khwan Ubon, One of The Most Saucily Delineated Web-RingMasters of This Circus Known as Cyberspace"), and after being a member regularly posting illustrations of nude and semi-nude women onto this group's bulletin board for nigh a year, one EXTREMELY ardent member named Chris Lindberg sent me a private e-mail, with an equally "challenging" request.

Apparently, Mr. Lindberg had had opportunity to take a look at another one of my pieces entitled "A Large Bottomed Latina" (also, available for perusal on this site).

As a result, Mr. Lindberg had been quite enthused in a fashion I can only describe as...well, again, "EXTREMELY ENRAPTURED".

Mr. Lindberg continued to state that he would appreciate it if I could create a piece wherein a black woman would stand "topless, wearing nothing more than blue jeans, while bare-footed, with a dagger tattooed onto her left breast while clutching her chest in a writhing ballet of pain, with her eyes clenched and teeth in a death-grip of fear."

I am, of course, paraphrasing.

However, not by much.

Flummoxed and flabbergasted, I responded (rather sheepishly, I'm afraid) that I found his idea fearsome, startling and one of the most terrifyingly, overtly caterwauling ideas I had ever had the distinct opportunity to read with my own eyes. I also stated that I would accept the challenge.

However, all of this had happened in late 2008, and I became enmeshed in other things.

Again, without warning, Mr. Lindberg contacts me again via E-mail in mid 2009, pleading with me to take another look at the original ideas he had submitted.

In a sudden flush of shame, I took to adminstering this very quick sketch.

However, if anyone would like to take a exhaustive,non-ordinary and (doubtless) excruciatingly debauched try at Mr. Lindberg's original "visual stimulus package", I'm sure the rest of us ---including the ever-vigilant Mr. Lindberg-- would laud your efforts to stimulate the increasingly "originality depressed" region of existence known as " Cyberspace Country" (HA!)

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