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Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios presents..."The Transistah Subsistah Sistahs"!

So, this is another idea that's been jangling around in our heads here at Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios for some time now and it was time to FINALLY tweeze it out, before our brains exploded from the strain of keeping this to ourselves for all these damned years, months, days and all-too-precious seconds...

However, we started thinking a bit more around here and opted to let YOU, the general public, engage us in a bit of debate about the future of THIS little enterprise, before we take it all into "warp speed", into parts...and, um, other sensitive regions...unknown.

First, which one of these ladies do you think has the better bedside manor?  Fireplace Chat?  Bathroom Selfie Material?...or is it all just another instance of eye-burning purgatory venting itself through your computer or smartphone screen?  

Hey, as always from us here at ANAAS, they're big girls...REALLY Big and buxom they can take a bit of constructive criticism (and, quite frankly, so can we, as the creators of this one).

...and WHERE, precisely, should we take this thing (that is, if you think it's worth anything beyond being sent straight to hell)?   

We've been thinking of creating (amongst other things) a free Dating Sim Game wherein you date one, two or all of these ladies in a 30-60 day time span (at least, In-game and in a NON-pornographic manner).  Needless to say, that sort of game would be one with some...ahem...tongue-in-cheek-and-everywhere-else-we-can-think-of humor laced with visual psychedelia that the lot of you can play online at a moment's notice, all for no charge...YET.

Come on: let us have your best shot...or your worst volley at our heads... about what the future of The Transistah Subsistah Sistahs should be...and, yeah, we know what you think about a character named "Deeply Probing Anal-y-Sis"...and wouldn't you all just LOVE to know HOW deeply she probes...?!?!?!?



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