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...And now: for something(s) completely different...

In this segment of our site here at Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios, you will be able to find a bevy of work covering a spectrum of audio recordings, graphic design and other sorts of imagined mayhem which doesn't fit into the regularly, readily defined confines of one's "conventional" conceptualizations of what one would generally expect from a business site owned and operated by a company specializing in Freelance Writing, Film-making and Videography, Graphic Design and Multi-Media Advertising.

However, these are all simply very individualized and intriguing blurbs that we here at Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios have created, to showcase both our proficiency in all of the aforementioned disciplines along with (in some instances) our lighter well as our more serious, intellectual pursuits... in the realms of social commentary and public interaction.

Please feel free to take this all as you will, and critique and comment as you would like: 

Why In The Hell Isn't There Any Drug
Screening of Employees Or Medical
Personnel Working In America's Hospitals?
(Audio file below: Please Press "Play"
and listen...)

The playable audio file directly above this message is a small (though important) snippet from a recording of a symposium on the challenges posed to the American Health Care industry in the 21st Century held at the Westport Public Library in Westport, CT on November 15th, 2010.

In essence, the discussion involved the participation of 2 estimable intellectuals who have proclaimed and extolled themselves as individuals with a dire concern about the state of health care in America: David Goldhill is the President and CEO of The Game Show Network, who experienced a good deal of consternation about the illogical state of the Health care industry in America as he watched his own father die in a hospital.

That experience has given Mr. Goldhill a good deal of impetus in addressing the ways through which Health Care in America must be improved. Thus, Mr. Goldhill is in the midst of writing a thorough, book-length examination on the subject.

However, Mr. Goldhill has also authored an extensive article on the American Health Care System's lack of quality control which had been the September 2009 Cover Story of The Atlantic Magazine.

He has given countless discussions on ways to improve the health care system, which have been seriously entertained by the Harvard School of Medicine as well as the Obama White House.

The second participant in the symposium is Irving Wladawsky-Berger, a professional computer engineer who is regarded as the father of open-source software technology. He is also VP Emeritus at IBM, a consultant at IBM and Citigroup, as well as a visiting lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

However, the first voice that you will hear in this recording is my own. 

My name is L. Llewellyn James and I presently work as a writer and illustrator in Bridgeport, CT ( . I am also a former, award-winning employee of the single largest health-care facility in Fairfield County, Connecticut (located in the Gold Coast of the American Eastern Seaboard).

In short, you will hear me discussing my own fright and disdain for the lack of oversight of illicit drug use that I had observed among several of my fellow co-workers on hospital grounds.

In spite of reporting this sort of activity to my supervisors at the aforementioned hospital (as well as to the State of Connecticut's Department of Public Health), I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of care, concern and integrity displayed by so many health care Professionals in the light of the danger drug-using hospital employees pose to helpless, physiologically aggrieved patients.

If at all interested, you may also click the following link to hear this podcast in it's entirety (the snippet presented here appears at the 53:15 mark of the larger podcast recording):

Pass it on, and don't pass this shameful behavior onto either your loved ones or future generations.

L. Llewellyn James/Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios

Illicit Drug Use among Doctors,
Nurses, and other hospital
Employees in America's Hospitals
as reported to The United States
Department of Homeland Security.
(Audio File Below: Please press
   "play" and listen...)

My name is L. Llewellyn James , and the audio recording directly above this message is one that I had furnished to The American Federal Government via its official Citizen Channels  on July 7th, 2008.

It is part of a lengthy personal and professional project of mine, to alleviate a grave problem in America's Hospitals: namely, the onus of illicit drug use among hospital employees (including Nurses, Doctors, administrators and other assorted workers in health care) with absolutely NO government regulation or oversight on either the state or federal level.

Take a listen to this recording (which had been left with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as part of a larger effort to contend with this problem), and pass it on...

The "I'd Kirk Dat" Project

(Alien Model Used in Composite Design above,
created by American Sculptor Mark Alfrey:

(Predator Figure used in Composite Design above
created by British Body Paint Designer
Simon AKA Marshon

(Alien Model Figure used in Composite Design above, created by
Austrian Painter Chio Maisriml:

It would seem as though a bit of back-story is necessary
in discussing the mayhem which had prompted the creation
of the three images appearing directly 
above this message.

On June 1st, 2013, One Mr. Ozell Daniel
---a member of an open Facebook Discussion Group
called "Black Nerds Network Group" ---
posed the following question:

"We meet an alien life form, do we kill it, capture it,
or Captain Kirk it?"

---after some spirited debate on that intriguing question,
another BNN Member,
Ms. Aubrie Abeno, wrote:

" ' I'd Kirk that' should be on a t-shirt."

As many of us science Fiction, Space Travel, 
Speculative Fiction and Graphic Design-obsessed
Nerds of Color
all exhaled a collective sigh of slavering appreciation
of both Mr. Daniel and Ms. Abeno's linguistic ingenuity, 
I simply created these images based upon that concept,
in a very hurried round of photoshopped stupidity.

Now that the ball's rolling, are there any takers in this
task of creating new verbiage (with accompanying imagery)
that obsessive nerds of all ethnic ancestries
can be proud to call their own????

(and PLEASE feel free to create addendum images 
for this "Kirkin' It" concept:
 there is just simply far too much weirdness
abounding around us all,
for it all to be left in the hands of just a few...)


Why the "Z" in Jay-Z is all too
as he comes in dead LAST 
as far as we here at 
Alphaholics Non-Anonymous 
are concerned...

In lieu of our long standing hatred for the work of Jay-Z from 
(literally) Day One of his Roc-A-Fella/Reasonable Doubt 
incarnation, along with his absurd, ignorant and vile attempts to denigrate the legacy of Harry Belafonte ---a true Civil Rights legend and champion of the Black Community who has contributed and sacrificed SO MUCH in the cause of human emancipation well above anything "Jar-Jar Binks-Hovah" will ever be able to claim---we here at Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios humbly submit the visual tableau posted directly above this message...

...and some final 
(and, no doubt, potentially 
conflagration starting)
Public Service Announcements
courtesy of Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios...

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