Graphic Design & Logo Craft for Clients by Alphaholics Non-Anonymous


As a Graphic Designer, I've worked for a variety of organizations on everything including logo design and repair, flyer creation as well as DVD Jackets (particularly for films and documentaries that I have also been hired to photograph, edit and direct for clients, all for one comprehensive, reasonable rate).

For more information on rates of service and estimates, please contact me via e-mail at or directly at 203.767.2655

Official logo for the "First Annual Black Fist and Foremost Afrocentric Film Festival", held in Bridgeport, Connecticut during African-American History Month,

Official Flyer from the "First Annual Black Fist and Foremost Film Festival" 
held during Black History Month

Official Flyer for the 5th Annual Carter G. Woodson Awards, 
Hosted and Sponsored by the African-American Historical Association of Fairfield County,  Connecticut

 Official flyer for an event involving Dr. Ronald Mallett, world-renowned Theoretical Physicist 
and subject of an upcoming film on his autobiography, 
The Time Traveler, 
directed by Spike Lee 
(Needless to say, I'm responsible for conceiving and 
rendering the original illustration of Dr. Mallett 
featured here, based upon the legendary, original art poster for the first "Back To The Future" film, starring 
Michael J. Fox)    

Official flyer for 
"A Day of Remembrance"
An event sponsored and produced by 
The African-American Historical Association 
of Fairfield County, Connecticut

Graphic Design, proofreading and production of
The African-American Historical Association of Fairfield County, Connecticut's Quarterly Newsletter,

DVD Jacket Design for "A Star is Born!-The Trinity"
Produced for Diamonds in The Rough Ministries 
I had also directed, edited and photographed this film on behalf of Diamonds in The Rough Ministries, 
as well as produced the entire package in bulk for sales and distribution.

 Official New logo for
Diamonds in the Rough Ministries, 

Official Logo for 
"J-Biz and The Camouflaged Chameleon"
see more of their work at

Proposed Logo Design for 
The Chocolate City News
(as featured in a film commercial I'd produced, edited and co-directed for that organization which you may view on the main page of this site)
Learn more about the Chocolate City News at 

Advertising flyer for 
"Grim and Gang Signs of The Times"
A workshop for Parents, Educators and Kids on Violent
Gang Activity in Bridgeport, Connecticut


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