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Now We Know Precisely What You May Be Thinking : What Exactly Is The Meaning of the Term "Alphaholics Non-Anonymous"?

       I had first happened upon the idea for the term, as a result of some reading I had been doing on the inner workings of the human brain, some years ago.

       Apparently, when the human brain first enters into the realm of sleep, the first state that it slips into haphazardly (yet so serenely and surreptitiously) is known as the "Alpha State".

        When in the Alpha State, the human mind produces the single most readily distinguishable brain waves currently measurable by the greatest hallmarks of modern science. These brain waves are known, conveniently enough, as "Alpha Waves".

        Intriguingly, the human mind also enters into the Alpha State when a person is at his/her most wakeful and alert.

        Even stranger still, our minds also produce Alpha waves each and every time we blink.

       Thus, I would think that the Alpha state is the sublime place wherein that delicate line of demarcation between the rigorously-defined masonry of our teeming waking lives and the more ephemeral coast-line of our deep-seated, most wake-and-tide festooned inner dreams is forever transmogrified from a line of demarcation into a spontaneously igniting inferno leaving our thoughts, actions and perceptions emblazoned.

        Hence, we should all wish to become members of "Alphaholics Non-Anonymous", as we are not ashamed to admit an addiction to the rush of the imagination.

God bless and Take it Lightspeed,

L. Llewellyn James

President and CEO
Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios

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