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The Legend of El Ciderella

In the early portion of the last millennium, the medieval city of Valencia, Spain was ruled for some time by one Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, a renowned military General, legal arbiter and intellectual strategist who would come to be known during his military and monarchical career as El Cid.

El Cid's vivid style of erudition, scholarship and fierceness of warrior intuition all helped to make El Cid one of the primary tools of the Spanish Regent Lord, Alphonso IV, in his continual battles of attrition against the invasion of the Moorish hordes threatening to overthrow his kingdom in the second great millennium.

El Cid would face tribal intrigue at the hands of his fellow Spanish Lords, expulsion from the face of Alphonso IV, life as a ruthless military mercenary warlord, triumphant conqueror who would unite Valencia and it's neighboring communities under his own auspices and finally chief administrator and legal adjudicator over a territory which allowed both Christians and Muslims to live in unfettered harmony amongst one another while working side by side in his kingdom.

In fact, the very term "Cid" is actually derived from the archaic arabic term "Sayyid" meaning "Lord", a term which seems to be the outright personification of this most astonishing figure in history who became revered amongst his people as "one of them", in spite of his royal lineage.

In fact, El Cid proved resolutely determined to include and carefully consider the opinions and analysis of all of his soldiers and guards, before beginning any military excursion. This approach marked El Cid as both one of the most innovative military strategists to administer with a mindset directed toward co-operation and arguably History's most consistently successful master of warfare, martial subterfuge and trench-front enemy neutralization.

El Cid would enter into the realm of legend (as well as a peaceful reign and final rest) on July 10, 1099 A.D., while becoming Spain's official National Hero all the way until the collapse of Western Civilization as we know it today.

This Collapse will take place within our lifetimes.

After the end of all we now know, the final embers of life will indeed flutter back into some semblance of regularity. However, life will regularly become a struggle for subsistence and survival, as tribes of violent terror-seekers and thrill hungry throng about the desolate byways of the "future", seeking respite from their own petty cutthroat lives at the end of a gun.

However, genetic engineers will rely upon the still-surviving genetic codec of El Cid and his familial bloodline to create a new class of thoughtful leaders to help usher in a great new society, from the crushed shell of that terror fraught ulcer your great-grandchildren will call reality.

Her name will be El Ciderella, and she will wield a reasonably accurate facsimile of the Moorish-Hewn sword rendered and smelt with Damascus Steel wielded by El Cid himself, during his lifetime.
El Ciderella will be given explicit instructional coda which will be embedded in the neurological pathways of her DNA, ensuring that she will behave as though her blade is "a shimmering leaf of greatness and potency" which must never leave her side, for fear of losing her very essence. Only the bravest and most well schooled warrior can ever hope to test her in battle while she wrestles with her soul and her lineage...and any man able to best her in a fight will be the man she marries.

In the shock that will be the next millennial sunrise and dawn, only the strong, loving and most determined will see the beginning of Humanity's next epoch, being born and built up for the creating

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