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Mistress Khwan Kaisang, One of the Most Saucily delineated Web-RingMastersof this Circus known as Cyberspace

Amidst the cacophonous turmoil inherent in the bristling roar of the captive pentium and AMD chipsets, the barely contained URL protocols and the ever mischievous and highly entertaining HTML code font script changes, Mistress Khwan Kaisang has held tightly onto the reins of her portion of the Cyberspace circus while not allowing the cyberchatters, naysayers and virus-uploaders sway the consistency of her web-ring's performance.

Serving as head moderator and administrator for a few different sites (including the brilliant group dedicated to illustrated reverence for the nude and semi-nude female form, Pinup-Heaven on yahoo groups and her own modeling site at, Mistress Kaisang still allows boys and girls of all ages opportunity to fancifully attend to their imaginations, while disallowing the more lecherous free reign with their mechinations.

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