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Fairies II

This illustration and the one entitled "Fairies I" are both exemplars of a personal artistic hijira, dedicated to coming to terms with the aesthetic allure of Fairies. I had always been a bit put off and mystified (pardon the pun) by the omnipresence of this particular type of imagery in American (or, dare I say, Western) pop culture. As I toiled on one of these pieces while traveling on public transportation one evening, a man that I have a passing acquaintance with made a passing glance at my work. When I had attempted to broach the subject of Fairies and their meaning, he made the following insightful remark: "Fairies are very difficult to capture, but everyone always tried to catch one, anyway."

Incidentally, the models in this and the piece entitled "Fairies I" are based upon models gleamed from "The Playboy book of brunettes."

And, yes, that would be a very minimalist depiction of The Delectable, Infamous Bettie Page on the left.

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