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Fairies III

This is yet another in a series of extrapolations dealing with the myths and fantasias surrounding the strange, exotic amphibians of air, sea land and mystery known as fairies. In a slight departure from the other two examples in this series, "Fairies I" and "Fairies II", I chose a model not based on one of the many nymphs depicted in "The Playboy Book of Brunettes".

Even as the figure on the right in this piece is from that aforementioned tome, the figure on the left is based upon the defiant stance of a Puruvian-born Adult Film Star I had happened upon in a pictorial book on pornography performers entitled "Naked Ambition" (Edited and Photographed by Michael Grecco and Published by RockOut Books, 2007).

Apparently, this woman ---who enjoys being known simply as "Alexis"--- is actually part of a new "spiritually attuned" vanguard not previously espied in the adult film industry: namely, porno stars who claim to espouse a singular devotion to Christianity.

Additionally, Alexis states without qualification that she routinely uses her christian faith as a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by the allowing her to, apparently, engage in lascivious sexual acts with men and women she barely knows, before the cameras of video corporations profiteering from her indolence--all for a heightened level of fiduciary renumeration so extravagant, Alexis herself can barely account for the extent and grandiosity of it.

I'm sure that the pauper, mendicant, spiritual prophets and apostles of both the Old and New Testaments join together in a round of hosannas while their spirits remain enthroned within the opulent gates of that most ethereal, Eternal City resting hidden in the stratospheric spires of the heavens, whenever this Pornography Performer of Christ pursues her spiritually selfless exploits.

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