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Fairies IV:They are not truly handicapped- in reality they arehandicapable!

All of the legends and fables which extol the virtuous lives and inordinately noble mental and spiritual mooring of the magnificently beneficent race known within our deeply troubled sphere as Fairies are variegated and, often, subject to ridicule.

However, in one regard, the legends about the pristine purity of the very soul and essence of the fairy have been all too accurate. This singular component of the socio-spiritual make-up of the conventional fairy's genetic coda centers around their complete lack of comprehension of the foibles inherent in evil, jealousy, envy and other duplicitous products of the dark side of the human imagination.

Fairies are, indeed, creatures of abject purity and joy with absolutely no ability to either divine or discern the rudiments of evil, as it exists with such proliferation in the homosapien species.

However, as fairies are finite in terms of their ability to survive the terrors of being physically accosted within the realities of our brutal time, their innate inability to make qualified judgments about the excesses of the morbid nature of human beings leaves them in a realm of severe, potentially life-threatening disadvantage.

In response, the higher powers which both control the very fabric of existence as well as observe and hold serene vigil over us all while lying within every atom, breath and emotion we encounter have provided these beautiful creatures sent into the foetid domain of man for the express purpose of enlivening our lives with equally divine "creatures" to facilitate their tasks.

In this illustration, we see two joyful fairies preparing to embark on a hazardous journey into the morally depreciated drudgery known as Modern 21st century society, with a strangely sanguine-seeming four-footed friend in tow.

As fairies lack the capacity to differentiate between potentially "dangerous" people and keenly spiritual "safe" people during their journeys into the terror-inducing nightmares of modern human life, The aforementioned Higher Powers have deemed fairies to be a lifeform possessed by a universal-throughout-their-species kind of "handicap".

Thus, the canine-esque animal being held on a spectral leash is the fairies' best friend, serving as the shepherd protecting the fairies from the "curse" of "blindness to evil."

Note the elongated antenna atop the head, as well as the series of different types of eyes lining along the inside of the tail of the animal. These accouterments are actually specialized sensors bestowed by the ancient creator upon what is generally known in human circles as an "Alaskan Malamute", so as to allow the animal the ability to discover at a moment's notice the true feelings, hidden agendas and potentially surreptitious notions lying in the hearts and minds of any human beings his two fairy masters may encounter.

This creature is known as an "Awarewolf".

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