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Fairies VII: A Tale of Two Chimera (or: The Filth and The Fairy)

For the past 6 centuries, the spiritual nation-states of these two fairies have been participating in the single most spectacularly bloody and senseless war of continual attrition in the history of the celestial mythos: The Cyclacimbaline Blood Feud.

Unknown to most of humanity, the celestial nations of Cerisonsi and Piowia have been committed to a long struggle over which of these two alternative halves of the collective race of mythic organisms renowned popularly as either "fairies" or "Chimera" (under the former term, winged women of great prestige and ethereal power within the cosmos or --within the definitive guidelines of the latter term-- spiritual entities comprised of a wide variety of different anthropological, physical properties) would inevitably be allowed the responsibility to defend and turn humanity from it's own innate, warlike tendencies.

In a cruel turn of a most malevolent and unhappy irony, even as the asexual, female inhabitants of the "fairy" nations of Cerisonsi and Piowia were created and designed by The Creator of The Universe to fulfill a mission of peace-keeping and spiritual entreaty for the mind and higher self of man, these otherwise comely and beautiful maidens from the mystic aperture of time and space have devolved into two continually aggressive, brutalization enacting camps.

As both the Piowia Warrior drone on the right and the Cerisonsi Battle Fairy on the left share the exact same genetic heritage, the viewer would not have to make an extreme nor meticulous study of both entities in order to espy an unmistakable resemblance marking both species intractable from one another.

The figure on the left is a junior member of the collective of Cerisonsi foot soldiers, fighting at over 15,000,000,000 strong. Even as her robust and most voluptuous figure could very well denote a gregarious state, she is in fact not motivated by any instincts with any remote resemblance to sexual stirring. She remains ever ready for the instant demonstration of battle prowess against any Piowia counterpart put within her crosshairs.

Even as the viewer may well note the alleged superiority in the armament and battle-worn persona of the Cerisonsi Warrior Fairy, the viewer would be well advised to be averse to being led astray by the seemingly beatific in comparison visage of the Piowia warrior drone, to the right.

In fact, many observers in the celestial realm not directly involved with the conflict record the Piowia Nation as being responsible for the conflict between it and the Cerisonsi, from the outset.

Believing themselves to be far more beautiful, noble and sensitive in comparison to their admittedly more subtle and humble Cerisonsi kin, The Piowia allegedly initiated hostilities with the Cerisonsi by murdering the Cerisionsi High Priestess, Her Most Peaceable Servant and Slave to The Most High Creator, Mistress Cyclacimbaline circa the year 1423, A.D.

Mistress Cyclacimbaline had advocated a direct unification between The Cerisonsi and The Piowia, as both camps understood that the beginning of a lengthy period of potential bloodshed and globally adverse human historical record would be impending as a result of the imminent traversing of the Atlantic Ocean by Christopher Columbus less than 59 years later.

The Piowians insisted that the beloved priestess had taken her own life, as a result of her grief at being continually denied the ability to replicate either a proper mate or even a genetically identical progeny via asexual replication.

After the still-mysterious murder (or, according to Piowian history, suicide) of Priestess Cyclacimbaline, tempers flared in the two now visibly divided halves of the "Fairy/Chimerian Kingdom".

Cerisonsi Historical Documentation still records that the Piawians were attempting to nullify the impending peace treaty between the two nations by murdering Cyclacimbaline, forging a new campaign of genocide against the "defenseless" Cerisonsi while planning to also disavow the spiritual mandate to facilitate peace amongst humans--thus, in essence, scheming to take the helm of leadership amidst the homo-sapien species, as well.

At the beginning of this conflict in the 15th century, the Piowia clans were at the very least as equally impressive a contingent of warriors and assembled mass, with over 23,000,000,000 soldiers and priestesses of their own.

However, as the Cerisonsi have proven quite a good deal more adept at using and refurbishing human tools of warfare than the Piowia for use in the conflict, the Piowia have suffered extraordinary casualty losses, particularly over the past 2 centuries of the conflict.

Proving ever resilient, however, the Piowian clans have been able to improve their techniques with sheer guerrilla warfare and innovative solutions to sky-fighting such as "Cloud - Trench Ambush" (Using Cloud cover in the skies as camouflage, while invading Cerisonsi Strongholds hidden from human view in the alternate dimension of the "Third heaven"--an invisible realm high in the stratosphere above Earth's ground level, described briefly by The Apostle Paul in The New Testament of The Holy Bible [2nd Corinthians Ch.12:1-5]), while utilizing more common, less ostentatious tools in opposition against the Cerisonsi Machine guns, Full Tang Swords with Blood Grooves and ergonomically shaped, multi-blade Scythes.

Of course, as the Cerisonsi and The Piowia continue their mutual blood letting amongst one another, The Creator of The Universe's original mission statement for the two groups has been utterly lost.

This resulted in Columbus Sailing errantly across The Atlantic Ocean in search for a new "spice route" to India, thus landing in what we know today as the modern "Americas" of The Caribbean and North America.

However, The Creator of The Universe originally wished the Fairies to, among other things, serve as a guide for Columbus to his intended destination---or, if all else fails, kill both him and his entire crew---thus allowing the indigenous, still peaceful peoples of the Caribbean, North America and Africa the opportunity to develop more specialized, comparable arms for defense against European technological terror.

As many peaceful people were terrorized and destroyed by the imminent arrival of Eurocentric, warlike tendencies, there is nothing left for either Humanity or The Fairies other than the ignominious and hastening desert of their own souls, the rapid dilapidation of their mutual planet in the face of technological devastation, pollution, mental corruption and all the violations that have put the entire ecosystem on the brink of collapse...just as, according to the commentary of some critics and possibly overly cynical observers of this calamity, The Creator originally intended.

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