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The Maiden and The Merciless Minotaur

As the vapidness of the remainder of the evening hastened upon the Lord Minotaur, Beliaetihignerhis -- the winged vassal residing in the service of Those Whom Are Never, Ever Named -- He  reasoned that his time to dine upon fresh carrion from above had indeed arrived.

Over 2 of our millennium ago,  Beliaetihignerhis had been recognized as a vizier and regent in waiting in the lower echelons of The Dark Kingdom Rarely Ever Seen Although Forever, Always  Sought all as a result of selling his soul to forces and principalities which rule therein.

Before that event  had occurred, however, He had been simply a hapless young beggar, penniless and distraught over the constant teasing and sexual, verbal and psychological bullying of his step-father.  This woefully inadequate, tertiary father figure actually blamed him for the death of his equally pauper and mendicant mother.

At that time, the being known now within the inner circle of The Ever Unnamed, Evil Kingdom as Addendum Lord Beliaetihignerhis lived in the provinces of modern Romania, well before the beginning of the Crusades. He suffered his human "death" before he had turned seventeen years old, as the sacrificial knife he drove up to the hilt into the sleeping, furrowed brow of his stepfather glinted in the night air outside of the dank gypsy caravan they shared with the other dregs of the moment populating European society.

At that moment, the young boy unfastened the sacrificial knife from the cranium of his predatory stepfather, plunging it into his own sternum. As he did so, the boy recited an incantation given him by a supposedly kindly, bowed-over-with-age octogenarian gypsy man-witch with glee in his toothless, swaying gait and malevolence in his posture.

As the blood flowed from the self-inflicted wound, a dutifully dispatched netherrealm "healer" allowed the boy his wish: to soar above the vestiges of this corrupt, hostile sphere of cunning and depravity he had known as "The Earth of God"--not unlike the child Icarus of Greek Legend had fled from the mortal trappings of this planet.

The demon cooed with satisfaction, as the suddenly transformed, previously pitiable boy became a muscular, horned behemoth with the strength of 70 men and the emotional polarity of a 1000 forever burning, scathingly undeviating, wax-and-body-blistering suns.

However, when one does allow the legions of the other side of good to confer "treatises and favors" upon you, one must always consider the ransom and costs thereof: in his new state, the boy must always rend and rip the flesh of the most nubile and beautiful maidens imaginable, corrupting them wholly with the same beguiling menace used to entrap the original, holy couple at the beginning of time. The boy would even inherit the serpentine, coiling manifestation of The Great One Who Those Never Named Revere As Their Savage Lord of Chaos, which that irredeemably evil entity had used cunningly to deceive the Mother of The First Amongst Mankind into imbibing of the fruit of The Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

Addendum Lord Beliaetihignerhis lives amongst us, ensnaring the hapless and those as hopeless as he had been, even when they may be in the midst of prayer.

He never loosens his icy grip, and never allows a single victim to abscond into the night. Their remains become just so much wisps of ivory and glinting husks of  lifeless marrow  as it is all collected in The Realms Those Who Are Wise Do Well Not To Enter.  The memories of his victims will be mourned as passionately as the memory of that now-eternally transformed boy's mother remains consequential in Beliaetihignerhis' still intact, now almost antiquated-beyond-human-reckoning mind.

Even as the spirit of that kind woman watches disapprovingly at the fate of her only child from the safe vantage point of the bosom of the Lord of Light, who prepares presently to eviscerate and destroy both Beliaetihignerhis and the rest of his doomed lot in the upcoming, final battle.

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