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The Two Merchants of Neo-Venice

After the apocalypse, the men and women of this sphere who will be left with the pieces thereof will busily attend to the re-establishing of both the concerted efforts...and constraints...of the world which had been annihilated before their now-all-too-real peril.

In the charred heath which , in the future, will be the eastern expanses of Europe, a new citadel will be erected a mere 70 years after the death knells of recorded history (Plague? Mass Suicide? Holocaust? Sexual sterility? No one left alive will be cognizant or recognizable enough to tell the tale). This large dwelling of erect steel, glass towers and ivory-encrusted waves of commerce will be dubbed Neo-Venice, as the original Italian city will lay dormant under a new ocean of ash and mangled steel.

These women, acting as practitioners of that most ignoble (inarguably) and oldest (incontrovertibly) of professions, will be forced into solitude and forever banished outside of the safe confines of the city limits, for their singular, sapphic trysts which they will be found to have had committed with one another under the cover of darkness.

The new laws governing this new society will be clear: all sexual engagement is facile and to be engaged in with no intrusion from the state, insofar as the meetings of body and bodice were consensual, sensual and heterosexual.

As their love for one another will be deemed one which could never perpetuate the species, these women will be immediately stripped of their clothing, their bejeweled homes and their license to gratify for pay.

All they will then have to remember their brief sojourn within the heavily guarded walls of Neo-Venice is a small, faux-wooden chair to share between the two of them and their convivial comforting, both of which they will exchange roles in providing and utilizing until they suffered the eventual end (Nuclear Rain? Godless Thirst? Animal Lust? No one left alive will have the decency to tell them the honest, naked truth).

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