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Fairies VIII:The Archangel Gabriella

There is a nexus between Heaven and Hell wherein the eye of God is a crescent of satin-hued undulation and fire-billowing turmoil. Atop this concave and robust seat of conscious power rests a guardian of the most oft-fabled hinter-roads and less traveled peaks of the karma-teetering cosmos.

This being has been known, feared, worshipped and observed in a variety of different manifestations throughout human history: in the time of The Roman Empire, this entity had been obsessed with attempting to change the naturally froward predilections of the Godless denizens of the earth while using a potent assemblage of bows and arrows hewn from the substance of God’s ethereal spirit dominion.

Thus, the Romans dubbed the being Cupid, the God of Love, as the most high Patrician lords of Roman society found it pleasurable to metamorphose a harbinger of death into a salutation of great kindness.

The Being had once even been the mythic phoenix, as she had been observed weeping such tears of dreadful calamity at spectacles such as the burning of The Library of Alexandria, the willful mauling of Copernicus and Galileo, the killing of the saints at Auschwitz, Dachau --and even the far too numerous ghettos of our own present day-- that the soul-pores of her ethereal flesh had been emblazoned to the point of toxicity.

Now: her visage simply treads in the upper-most vantage points of the universal divide between The Creator and The Created, preparing subtly to arise from the heart shaped crescent seat of God’s mind. This rippling ocean of God’s intellect will very shortly be revealed as either a silkily substantial afterlife of contentment or an endlessly churning furnace of blood-red torpor lying at the ready for us all.

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