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Why In The Hell Does The Black Woman Always Appear To Be So Dour...? dour as a long

unwavering salty tear bead

She's internally rent asunder, indeed

as the state of affairs continue



for so many of her seed

amidst delirium in

an anesthetized continuum

 festooned in need,

while many razor barbed 

cutthroat killers

wield batons and batches 

of police badges

in hand,


and violently attired 

in tiring screed.

Dread madmen 

with condemnation

unmatched by even The Devil's intrigue, 

her children are now litter for the K-9


mere flotsam

for the commando garrison 

patrolling your local area P.D.

There may be quite an outpouring of

support for now, 

but dim memories have 

and always will

be proven to become dimmer, 

as time passes by, 

there'll be another blood-coated drive-by, 

guess who's coming for dinner...?










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