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The Forever-Lost Battle for Bridgeport, Connecticut Part III: The Secret Water-Taxidermy Services Offered Near and Around Pleasure Beach

[The following message had been retrieved by members of The Special Military Operations and Peace-Keeping Forces of the National Organization for Women (NOW) on August 16, 2199.  This message had been transcribed from a mini-telex data-audio format file found on the dead body of Lieutenant Colonel Rueis Cailaewi of the United States Coast Guard.  

Operatives for NOW had discovered the body of Lt. Col Cailaewi --a 15-year Military veteran and Commanding Officer in The Coast Guard’s Elite Secret Service and Coastal Investigations Unit (SSCIU) -- in the sand bars of the desolate marshlands and derelict ruins of an infamous, gang-infested barrier beach closely adjoining the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut known since the 1920s as “Pleasure Beach.”

Lt. Col. Cailaewi is survived by his wife of 18 years, Aeurliea, and their two children. 

His final “report” as discovered by operatives of NOW –narrated in his own voice before his violent demise—follows below, in its entirety--]

My name is Rueis Cailaewi, and I am a decorated career officer in the United States Coast Guard.  This audio file is the last thing I will ever be able to commit to the outside world.  You are now listening to the last will and testament of a very doomed man. 

As far as I’m concerned, there is no urgency to relay this to my superiors in the Coast Guard: they planned upon having me dead, before I even arrived for this assignment.  I’m sure of that now, beyond any question.

I had been attempting to infiltrate the male prostitution rackets of Pleasure Beach.  Pleasure Beach is the last hellhole on earth, if you have XY chromosomes and value your masculinity.

Once a prime tourist attraction in the American Northeast boasting an expansive amusement park first erected in the 1820s, accessibility to Pleasure Beach from the mainland had once been possible via a connecting bridge.  However, by the 1990s, the island had been summarily cut off from the mainland, after said bridge had been decimated by unnamed arsonists. 

By the beginning of the 21st century, Pleasure Beach became a ruinous landscape with little to no signs of the populated modernity which it had boasted a mere two decades earlier.  In fact, by the beginning of the 21st Century, the island had been officially recognized as the State of Connecticut’s single largest “Ghost Town.”

This development also coincided with the evacuation of modern real estate, venture capital and concerned residents en masse.  By 2025, Pleasure Beach became a nesting ground for enterprising criminals, ne’er-do-wells and societal malcontents insisting upon anonymity and protection from prying eyes.

As the mission of the Coast Guard SSCIU revolves around the curtailment of illegal activity perpetuated by drug traffickers, pirates and other assorted types of law-breakers utilizing America’s coastline for the promulgation of illicit goods or services, I officially volunteered on July 9th, 2199 for a deep cover mission into the male sex-slave industry within Pleasure Beach.  This cross-continental prostitution ring is controlled exclusively by an extremely well-organized, women-only Crime Syndicate which has been housed on the 2 mile long stretch of Pleasure Beach since the 2150s calling itself Las Estrogenitas (a term which loosely translates as “The Power Women” in Neo-Spanglish vernacular).

My plan had been to collect data on Las Estrogenitas which would allow the Coast Guard SSCIU to recover valuable reconnaissance on the infamously difficult-to-decipher inner workings of this fiercely vicious, almost cult-like and completely self-contained street gang and its founder and enigmatic leader known only as “Metamor-Phosta-Mother”

After two days of living as a male “vagrant” in the slums of Pleasure Beach, I’ve learned key essential ideas about the Las Estrogenitas Organization which have never been part of the public record, since the organization first appeared here in the Bridgeport area, back around 2158. 

Las Estrogenitas has patterned itself after the historical accounts of the Women of Ancient Sparta, in Greece.  As Sparta had been a society dedicated to a continual obsession with the rudiments of warfare and hand-to-hand combat readiness, the women of Sparta were extremely voracious sexually, enjoyed a level of independence which had been the envy –and, often, scorn—of women in other, competing centers of commerce in the Greek Empire and the entirety of the Classical World, as well as inordinately competitive in terms of physical dexterity and athletic prowess after a fashion very much akin to the mindset of their male counterparts.

Its leader, Metamor-Phosta-Mother, has merged the hierarchal mentality of a complex street gang “family” with an ideal of female supremacy.  This converging of social regimentation has resulted in the fostering of an automatic diminution of male importance within said structure.

As such, Las Estrogenitas initiates perspective “recruits”—all of whom can only be girls, starting potentially as young as 6-years-old --   into its ranks via the use of brutal regimes mimicking the rituals of the common street gang as well as the induction ceremonies and training apparent in the Ancient Spartan Agoge System.    

The model, perspective initiate into the ranks of Las Estrogenitas is generally a runaway girl no older than 15.  As the legend of Las Estrogenitas being a singular bastion of penultimate “femme fatales” has permeated the entirety of the American Lexicon, young girls from broken homes and dysfunctional lives throughout the country have trekked to this remote, marsh-laden enclave on the outskirts of Connecticut’s poorest city seeking solace, protection and security while living within Pleasure Beach’s ramshackle “Sisterhoods”.   

Of the over 15,000 or so potential “adherents” who arrive yearly at Pleasure Beach attempting to pledge themselves to the cause of Las Estrogenitas, only 20-30 or so per year are allowed the “opportunity” to join.  The overwhelming array of girls find that they will be barred from admittance into the “Crew”, per the most spurious rationales imaginable. Perspective members have been shunned automatically, for committing “infractions” as trivial as being born with a mole on one’s cheek or speaking with a slight lisp.

Any individuals who are deemed “unfit for service” are then drugged with a powerful opiate imported from Columbia called Scopalamine.  First used by the Mayans as a mind-control substance which has proven successful in allowing for the wholesale control of an individual’s personality, Scopalamine literally usurps the free will and the conscious recollection properties of any subject drugged with it.

Hence, the subject will literally do anything that S/He has suggested to him/her.  This includes committing suicide or attacking a complete stranger, to the death.  This is the fate which generally befalls the majority of young girls who attempt to join Las Estrogenitas—all for the enjoyment of Estrogenitas members and leadership.

However, the chosen few who prove themselves worthy of membership are immediately “enrolled” into active duty.  After 5 years of training as an “adjunct” member, the young initiates are then elevated to soldier status.  In this capacity, they are the first line of defense—as well as the most expendable members in a caste system—working for the organization against perceived threats from outsiders seeking to encroach upon the beach-head.

This is where my story here both begins and ends.  I attempted to present myself as a vagrant, male prostitute in search of fortune with the “Sisters”, as intelligence reports had indicated that the caste system here could be approached by a willing male “contractor” able to provide services.

However, I’ve since learned to my chagrin that those initial reports had been false.  In fact, Las Estrogenitas only accepts men into the male prostitution circles it provides for clientele throughout the nation, who have been already psychologically battered into submission or highly susceptible to said treatment. 

In fact, this message is being recorded, so as to intimate that my presence here as an undercover law enforcement agent had been anticipated, catalogued, and announced throughout the Sisterhood, well before my arrival.

Upon arriving under the cover of darkness, I had been summarily captured by waiting Sisterhood foot soldiers who then escorted me directly to leadership. 

I had then been drugged with a mixture of Scopalamine and other chemical substances.  According to the message that you are listening to, this mixture has been perfected by leadership in Las Estrogenitas, so as to have a specific effect upon the unique chemistry of the average man.

In short, the mixture both eliminates the subject’s capacity to avail himself of free will outside of whatever suggestions he is given, as well as increases the physical dexterity of the male subject.  In particular, there is a notable increase in said subject’s sexual endurance, coupled with an inordinate inflation of the male subject’s genitalia. 

This process is designed to ensure the “market readiness” of men adapted for very short lives as victims in the sex slave industry. 

It is referred to by Las Estrogenitas as “Water Taxidermy” ,as the male subjects are both thought of as “perfected specimens” by Las Estrogenitas handlers, as well as “ferried” on foot through the marshes of Pleasure Beach in lock and chain by Las Estrogenitas soldiers.  L.E. Soldiers are then met by “brokers” who then escort the permanently drugged men by boat to waiting clientele, well beyond the borders of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

I have been reading this message from a paper that had been written by Metamor-Phosta-Mother , herself.  I have been doing so, while squatting naked, with a large, steel dog collar tethered securely to my neck.  The dog collar gleams with the most delightful shade of moonlit turquoise under the pale luminescence of the night air here in the Sisterhood.  You simply cannot imagine the magnificent allure a man can have, as his well-honed muscles sweat from exertion and his unconscious mind teeters on the brink of collapse—much like an American Society which pays Las Estrogenitas quite well to provide its services, in the face of an expansive dilution in the numbers, physical aplomb and sexual viability of “conventional men” as a result of climate change, environmental pollution and continued decimation of the cultural aesthetic.

Metamor-Phosta-Mother truly hopes you are all enjoying her poetic verbiage and dedication to the championing of this exercise in spoken word narrative, in an admittedly vulgar attempt to draw you dramatically into this imbecile male’s inevitable, dire end. 

Lt. Col. Cailaewi of the United States Coast Guard had been dropped here by his superiors to rot, as we here in the Sisterhood serve the same purpose as all organized crime in the United States, since a contingent of opportunistic crooks first founded this republic under the guise of forming a nation based upon “principles”, “honor” and “all men having been created equal.”

Las Estrogenitas runs Pleasure Beach because it is allowed to, by forces well beyond the acumen of the average American.  We are simply conscientious business-people providing a service to an adoring (and quite politically powerful) public. 

Lt. Col. Cailaewi’s superiors in the American Government depend upon my organization’s existence, as the elimination of criminal activity such as ours would prove devastating to the economic viability of the Criminal Justice System.  We work in tandem with Law Enforcement, as the corrupt nature on both sides of what we can only laughingly refer to as “Good and Evil in The Modern World” dictates that crime must remain an “eternal problem” which can never be vanquished…except at an unspecified date in the oft-fabled realm of “someday”. 

That transient date in the far-flung future must never be brought to realization, as the end of crime would mean the end of many, many careers in the Public Sector.   

However, “good men” with “good intentions”--like Lt. Col Cailaewi-- still haven’t gotten the message of the potential havoc they wreak, by discussing “honorable changes” being made to “The System”. 

Metamor-Phosta-Mother would like to simply say that she is grateful for the time you have allotted to listening to the poor, unfortunate Lt. Col. Cailaewi’s last will and verbal testament…as well as extend her sincere appreciation to the Peacekeeping forces of NOW for intercepting this recording.  Las Estrogenitas only trusts women with such sensitive work, and we as an organization appreciate NOW’s public demeanor of female empowerment as well as its secret agenda of masculine emasculation, by the use of honorable violence and physical intimidation.

Metamor-Phosta-Mother would now like to close with a personal message to the good Lieutenant Colonel’s wife, Aeurliea Cailaewi.  Judging by the photo we had found in your husband’s personal effects, you are a truly lovely woman.  I also believe that the children you had produced with your soon-to-be late husband are very aesthetically pleasing, as well. 

We here at Las Estrogenitas also appreciate the sacrifice you and your family have made to ensure that the social fabric of lies, brutality and corruption upon which our great nation subsists remains unmarred.  In addition, we would also like to express our condolences, as --upon espying Lt. Col. Cailaewi’s handsome features, physical potency and already sizable member-- I can only imagine how much you will miss your husband’s presence over the long term of your now lonely life.

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