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The Forever-Lost Battle for Bridgeport, Connecticut Part II: The Invasion of Fairfield via The Overground Railroad (Dedicated to Raymond Collette)

(The following Special News Story Feature, “Life-Long Sex Servants find New Opportunity outside failing Planned Prostitution Plantation System in Nearby Fairfield”, had been written by A. Caterin Sycois and published in commemoration of African-American Histrionics Month by the Connecticut Post Cerebrally Implanted Entertainment & NeuralNews Network on February 12th, 2199)—

While Connecticut, as a whole, has been one of the United States' most upwardly mobile and economically robust regions since the founding of this Republic, the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut remains one of the most economically stagnant regions in the Western Hemisphere.  While the thriving metropolises and suburbs around it continue to produce some of the finest minds and specimens our nation has to offer, Bridgeport has been unable to rise to a place of stable growth in spite of the best efforts of our nation’s government edicts or intercessions.

24-year-old Cadwei  Bulliver had a promising career as an Erotic Sex-Mendicant at the “Molotov’s Cock ‘n’ Tails” Prostitution and Pleasure Plantation in Bridgeport.  Bulliver’s dark skin and luminous eyes formed a presence the clientele at Molotov’s Cock ‘n’ Tails found appropriately explosive.  Her singular beauty and winsome features were all the more enhanced by her statuesque, full-bosomed frame and woolly, mammoth “African Head-Mane”. 

In spite of being born in Bridgeport to a mother addicted to the infamous, digitally-processed street drug “Control/Alt/DeepDelete” (reputed to, among other things, be potent enough to literally “reset” several regions of the human brain to something akin to pre-evolutionary, simian simplicity), Bulliver had been successfully integrated into Connecticut’s First-in-the-nation Prostitution Patronage and tutelage program for orphaned street children 22 years ago at the age of 2.

Created in 2177 and funded by both corporate organizations from throughout Connecticut as well as matching state and federal resources, it had been hoped that the innovative “Learn to Give Head Start” program (LGHS) would allow orphaned children hailing from economically and educationally sub-par lifestyles the tools they would need to better satisfy the leisure habits of the wealthier members of our nation.

As Bulliver progressed and matured in the program, her state-trained Social Wranglers uniformly declared her a fount of innate, good-mannered malleability.  By the time she reached the age of 14, Bulliver became a welcome fixture in Bridgeport’s then-robust, Prostitution Plantation system. 

Her ease of mobility from the most simplistic of leisure scene scenarios (such as Pole-Vault Dancing and Eroticism-By-Electrolysis) to more complex, specialized fare customized with specificity by demanding clientele (including Esophageal Collapse-and-Caress Cunnilingus, Transatlantic  Slave-and-Trade Nasal  Passage Travel and  Solid -Tissue and Stool Sampling with Fabric Softener) immediately earned her great accolades from the infamously critical, world-savvy “sexxxulectual” customer base here in Connecticut, as well as congratulatory, nightly fist-beatings from her ever-proud Social Wranglers for yet another day’s job well done.  

“I ain’t never thought that I could do so much, by trickin’ out so little”, recalls Bulliver, “I mean, if it hadn’t been for LGHS, I might have to go out and just be a ho in the streets with niggas who ain’t never go be shit no how…like all them other black-ass bitches out here, who actually had they momma [sic].

“and if I hadn’t been born a junkie, I might actually have been born able to feel things in my skin like pain and pleasure, and shit like that,” Bulliver continued, “and if I had that, I would’ve never been able to get all the love from all these rich folks I be gettin’.  I would’ve done went crazy, just from doing somethin’ easy like Dirty Satellite Dish Dancin’.

 “All I knows,” Bulliver sighed appreciatively, “is that the lawd sur’ do work in mysterious ways, sho nuff.”

However, as the 2180s came to a close and the Lunar-and-Mars based, Oxygenated Real Estate Housing Bubble promptly collapsed in and upon itself--leaving the Galactic Stock Market literally, fatally asphyxiated by the middle of the 90s—there has been less in the way of disposable income, even amongst the patrician elites of the American Northeast. 

This development led to the closing of several of the nation’s largest and most celebrated Planned Prostitution Plantations. 

This list of suddenly financially devastated Planned Prostitution Plantations included New Orleans' seminally revered Haute’D Counter-Culture (which had created and hosted the annual “Marquis D’Sadie Hawkins Masquerade Ball and Shotgun Wedding Minstrel Show” every year during Mardi Gras), Chicago’s Cavern of Cumulus-Clouded Reasoning (credited by many in the Sexxxulectual industry with bringing a fresh gust of ingenuity and breathless exhilaration to the Windy City) as well as the controversial Hollywood Cereal Killer Bowl in Los Angeles (which, while seen as a great boon against the economic woes of that city, had also been heavily criticized by many for employing only undocumented immigrants – particularly during the Graveyard shift).

By 2198, Even Connecticut’s own Molotov’s Cock ‘n’ Tail resort—one of the nation’s first fully accredited Planned Prostitution Plantations—suddenly found it’s once reliable bottom-line spontaneously combust.

“That’s precisely where our own project rises like the proverbial phoenix, from the molten ash,” claims Wallace Jorge, Founder and Director of the Natural Sexxxulection Program housed at Yale University in nearby New Haven, Connecticut. 

“With the collapse of the Prostitution Plantation System, America suddenly faced an incomprehensible threat to its liberty, continued stability and perseverance as a nation-state: namely, how to contend with a newly ‘liberated’ prostitute class which simply doesn’t have the innate capacity to avail itself of absolute freedom.”

Jorge, a career clinician with dual Master’s Degrees in Genetics and Political Science, believes that the answer to the “Emancipated Prostitute Problem” lies in recycling our Sexual Mendicant Population into new roles wherein their previous experiences could prove beneficial to a number of individuals, corporations and upper-class families with exclusive benefits.

“As the original framers of the Constitution of the United States indicated that people outside of the economic upper-tier –and, most specifically, poor women -- lack the intellectual capacity to truly think properly for themselves, we have to follow the mandate set by the venerable examples left to us by the likes of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson which honorably denoted the culpability the state holds in ensuring that the public interest is always safeguarded from the incipient threat of poor people simply being allowed to free-roam aimlessly in our midst.” Jorge noted.

Jorge and his team at Yale have been allowed by the State of Connecticut and the Federal Government to pursue an experimental pilot plan for free Sex Servants in this state which (once again) places Connecticut at the head of a new undertaking in social engineering which has already caused much discussion across the nation.  Jorge and his team also believe that it could be just as lucrative as the Planned Prostitution Plantation Program that their plan seeks to supplant.

Called Rudimentary Interludes Delivering Elevated Rubrics in Sublimation (or RIDERS), the Natural Sexxxulection Program Managers at Yale have culled the State’s documentation of Planned Prostitution Plantations Sex Workers, seeking the individuals in those ranks in possession of what Jorge calls “pneumaticism au’natural”.

“That’s the term I use for what I can only call the ‘it factor’,” Jorge explained.  “We’ve searched the plantation data-bases for former Plantation Prostitutes who have a proven record of winsome features, powerful stamina, excellent moral malleability and a lack of that nettlesome ‘free-thought’ weirdness.”

Enter Cadwei Bulliver.  As an “operator” for the very-first chapter of the RIDERS program in the affluent suburb of Fairfield, Connecticut, Bulliver finds herself cast in the exact same role she held 20 years ago with a then-fledgling Planned Prostitution Plantation Program , while still an infant.

“It’ s one of the most comfortable things I done did, yet,” Bulliver said, while on her way to a private family’s home alongside her Operator Partner, Julianica Santos.

A 22-year-old Hispanic woman and an newly emancipated, genetically engineered Sex Worker brought into the Connecticut region from The HurriKandiKane -- one of the last Planned Prostitution Plantations still in operation in Florida-- Julianica Santos had been paired with Bulliver in this first outing of the RIDERS program, so as to test the concept of emancipated Sex Workers from the collapsed Sex Plantation Industry being outsourced to perform general menial labor tasks (including cooking, cleaning, sexual education and other amusements) for private families and other assorted organizations.

“The most fortuitous thing about all of this,” noted Jorge, “is the fact that Connecticut still has so many homes and historic landmarks such as churches with basements which are interconnected with one another as a result of the Underground Railroad of the 19th Century”


Built as an network of subterranean passages and labyrinths running from the Southern United States to the Canadian Border in the 1800s, the Underground Railroad had been, according to the official archives of the United States Government, instrumental in ensuring that Slaves who attempted to escape from the plantations of their day were safely summoned back to their rightful places at the bottom of society, all with a lack of toil or trouble on the parts of their owners.

“As the Underground Railroad had been built to take slaves in the 19th century who dared to run from their law-abiding plantation owners who had paid reasonable rates to procure them on the open market -- and economically transport them back where they belonged—it’s fitting that we utilize homes in this area which had been involved in that noble enterprise over 3 centuries ago and refit them as way-stations for our own program, dedicated to the next phase of our American veneration for inexpensive labor and the delivery of quality product.” Jorge said.

Servants in the RIDERS Pilot Program in Fairfield, Connecticut literally “ride” to homes and clients via “Host-Back”.  “Hosts” are actually synthetic, animatronics-based lifeforms created specifically for each RIDERS Servant “Operator”. 

RIDERS Operators such as Bulliver and Santos will “service” upwards of 5-9 client facilities per week, while followed by a large contingent of “See-gulls.”  

See-Gulls are, in fact, animatronic aerial drone vehicles made to resemble almost idyllic seeming, anatomically-exaggerated flying mallards.  See-Gulls are  programmed to keep a watchful eye on the Operator Servants, so as to ensure their continued participation and to stymie any attempts they could make to flee.

“It’s cool by me,” Santos stated, shortly before joining Bulliver on a new case at an upscale mansion near the trendy Black Rock Section of Fairfield, “I ain’t even had to have anybody break my leg to make a statement, like they used to do us down in Florida…so, hell, I ain’t even had any reason to even break a sweat doing this stuff.”

“As we are able to house our RIDERS Operators in so many expansive, well-documented (although admittedly relic-like) basements throughout the Connecticut region,” Jorge explained, “ we can ensure that we are always able to continue the functions that the Sex Workers in this country’s Planned Prostitution Plantation Program had been created for, while examining new ideas to continue this legacy for future generations to enjoy.

“A black scholar of the early 2oth century named W.E.B. Dubois once wrote,” Jorge continued, “ that ‘the problem of the 20th Century is the problem of the Color Line.'

“Now, in the 22nd Century, we as Americans can rest safely in the assurance that our policies will deal with the problem that plagues those of us who truly matter the most: namely, the problem of making sure the rabble amongst us continue to tow the line.”

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