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Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios proudly presents..."La Cuidado De Cuba"

Now, this is the latest teaser promo image of a new addition to a large team of Plus-Sized, Reubenesque Superheroines of African Descent from the Caribbean that we here at Alphaholics Non-Anonymous have just started toiling in the creation of within the last year.

However, the backstory of this particular character is something that we've been brooding on for some time and actually underscores how far-reaching we plan on being with all of this: as this upcoming component of our series of Caribbean-borne superheroines focuses on the violent adventures of  a former nightclub singer turned societal vigilante in 1950s era Pre-Castro Cuba, "La Cuidado De Cuba" is truly a period piece taking place in the harried final moments during the upheaval of the corrupt administration of Fulgencio Batista, the President of Cuba who would then be finally deposed by Fidel Castro and a guerrilla militia which had trained with Che Guevara...

As we thought of where we wish to take this story in terms of theme and rhythm, we found ourselves working ardently to craft a story where the people will suffer dreadfully NO MATTER who is in charge, while the woman who will take to arms in a one-woman-battlecharge against BOTH Castro's lynchmen and Batista's armed thugs will shed a great deal of blood on many battlegrounds as she learns the true price of personal freedom in a small island wracked with significant cruelties.

Keep up with the upcoming exploits and dangerous bodycount of "La Cuidado De Cuba", by both following this site as well as visiting and liking our official FB fanpage at

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