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Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Proudly Presents..."The Dominican Republic Defender"!

As we here at Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios continue to burn the midnight oil while setting ablaze our own inner turmoil, we continue to vigorously obsess with fervent glee over a continuing project we've been working on.

Namely, this character is the newest addition to a bevy of curvaceous Superheroines of color, each of whom actively serve as the well-wrought representative of a nation in the Caribbean.

As we struggled to come up with a representative for the nation of The Dominican Republic (a nation which shares the Island of Hispanola with the Nation of Haiti), we began to think of a new twist---as members of the Caribbean are always obsessing with the idea of "repatriating" to decidedly greener pastures overseas and in other countries with better economies, isn't it only fitting that one of our superheroines be some sort of Immigration lawyer on steroids?

Then, we began to think a bit harder (which can always pose great danger to both ourselves here at ANAAS as well as the outlying world at large): what if she helped not just "illegal aliens" find their way through the miasma of red tape and bureaucracy which festoons the process of being a inhabitant of another nation which can offer better promise...but what if she would routinely be called upon to address the persecution of other types of ..."ALIENS"... seeking asylum from parts hitherto unknown?

...Hence, the word play indicative of this character being called "The Dominican Republic DEFENDER"  (I.E. "Public Defender"...hence, a perpetually "pro bono" advocate for illegal aliens throughout The Caribbean as well as...throughout the Universe?  Other Dimensions?  You get the drift).

Stay tuned to both this site as well as our official Facebook Fan page at, while we use this character to drift into some TRULY strange and unusual territory, wherein we will be upholding the laws of political asylum...while breaking the laws of physics... 

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