Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios proudly presents: The Puerto Rican Primera - A.K.A. "The Lightning-Limbed Latina!"

As we here at Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios continue to lament the lack of intriguing depictions of people of color as well as people of Caribbean descent in Fantasy/Comic Book or Science-Fiction Storytelling, we would like to humbly submit this new, Hispanic Superheroine for your approval.

The Puerto Rican Primera will actually include a great deal of historical discussion of Puerto Rico's involvement in great international ---and, dare we say  INTERGALACTIC  history---as Puerto Rico is the home of the largest Space-observing Radio Telescope in the world.

Support my effort to bring "The Puerto Rican Primera-AKA The Lightning-Limbed Latina" to life, as an animated series for children of color by clicking on the following link:

Join us here for more adventures and illustrations chronicling the ongoing adventures of The Puerto Rican Primera by following this site via Google +, as well as visiting our official fanpage on Facebook at


Anonymous said...

I will be honest--she looks Spanish, not Hispanic. She looks like the Spanish people that represent Mexican people on television. She is lovely for a white lady, though.

L. Llewellyn James said...

Hmmm...that's interesting, as I've had many people of hispanic derivation state that she looks more than hispanic enough...

However, of course, this is all terribly subjective and rife for speculation (as I had gone to extreme lengths to imbue this character with a sense of ethnic skin coloration).

At any rate, we encourage any and all interaction and would like to hear your thoughts on this character as we develop her and others, even further!

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